• Spain


    • UK IPA: /speɪn/
    • Rhymes: -eɪn

    Alternative forms


    From Anglo-Norman Espayne, from Late Latin Spania, from earlier Latin Hispānia, from Ancient Greek Ἱσπανία, from Phoenician 𐤀𐤉-𐤔𐤀𐤐𐤀𐤍𐤉𐤌, as the native wild rabbits were mistaken for hyraces.

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    (plural Spains)
    1. A country in Europe, including most of the Iberian peninsula. Official name: Kingdom of Spain (Reino de España).
      • 1865, James Stuart Laurie (editor), Manual of Elementary Geography, page 40The mountains of Spain consist of parallel ranges, running from east to west...
      • 1999, Stephen P. Reyna, "The Force of Two Logics", in S. P. Reyna & R. E. Downs (editors), Deadly Developments: Capitalism, states and war (War and Scoiety, volume 5), page 34Spain fought with France constantly from 1494 through the 1540s, especially over Italy.


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