• Accidently

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    From Middle English accidentli ("by chance; temporarily; artifically"), equivalent to accident + -ly.

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    1. by accident, unexpectedly, by chance; fortuitously, unintentionally.
      • 1980 , Phillip James Edwin Peebles , The Large-Scale Structure of the Universe Chapter , … which arises from four galaxies at four quite different distances that accidently appear close together in the sky. The second line represents two galaxies close together in space and the other two accidently close in projection, the third line close triplets plus a fourth accidently close in projection, the fourth line two close pairs accidently seen close together in projection.
      • 1995 , , Merriam-Webster's Dictionary of English Usage Chapter , The spelling accidently is not an illiteracy, but it is much less frequent than accidentally, and even though it has some reputable use, it may be thought a misspelling.
      • 1998 , Kenneth G. Wilson , Columbia Guide to Standard American English Chapter , Indeed, many conservative people consider accidently a misspelling, and some conservative dictionaries do not even record it as a variant, though it has been accepted off and on for many years.
      • 2011 , Robert W. Shumaker, Kristina R. Walkup, Benjamin B. Beck, Gordon M. Burghardt , Animal Tool Behavior Chapter , … relayed similar cases but suspected that the rocks were accidently dislodged as the animals fled. ... Hall (1963) considered the same data and concluded that while such behavior might originate accidently during flight or display, ...
      • 2012 , Patrick R. Delaney PhD, CPA; O. Ray Whittington , Wiley CPA Exam Review 2012, Regulations Chapter , Juan accidently spills some coffee on a client during a business meeting. Juan's tort is clearly in the scope of employment.
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