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    (plural acrosticks)
    1. Obsolete spelling of en
      • Burton Melancholy|edition=5th|chapter=Exercise Rectified of Body and Minde|partition=2|section=2|member=4|page=282|passage=Let him that is melancholy ... apply his minde I ſay to Heraldry, Antiquity, invent Impreſſes, Emblemes; make Epithalamiums, Epitaphs, Elegies, Epigrams, Palindrona Epigrammata, Anagrams, Chronograms, Acroſticks, upon his friends names; ...
      • , Disquisitio de Magia Divinatrice & Operatrice &c. Auctore Francisco Moncæio 4º Francofurti & Lipsiæ 1683 review, And afterwards gives as many reaſons for it, as there are letters in Hibernaculum Ciconiarum, and that too in the Acrostick way, each ſentence beginning with a letter of thoſe words, according to their order.
      • Swift Gulliver|part=III|chapter=A Further Account of the Academy. The Author Proposes Some Improvements which are Honourably Received.|page=92|passage=But ſhould this Method fail, recourſe might be had to others more effectual, by Learned Men called Acroſticks and Anagrams. Firſt, might be found Men of Skill and Penetration who can diſcern that all initial Letters have political Meanings.
      • 1744, Thomas Stackhouse, A New History of the Holy Bible, from the Beginning of the World, to the Establishment of Christianity. Chapter From the Death of Josiah to the Babylonish Captivity, The Whole the Book of Zephaniah is wrote in a very lively, tender, and pathetic Stile; and all the Chapters, except the laſt, (which ſeems to have been of later Compoſition than the reſt) are in Acroſtick Verſe, i.e. every Line, or Couplet, begins, in an Alphabetical Order, with ſome Letter in the Hebrew Alphabet.
      • 1 March 1828, Confessions over a Bottle, I became a contributor to things monthly. I produced charade upon charade, rebus upon rebus, and acrostick upon acrostick, to the admiration of every body except my parents. Poor people! they were devoid of taste, and knew not the value of such a son.
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