• Anon


    • enPR: *ə-nŏn', IPA: /əˈnɒn/
    • Rhymes: -ɒn

    Origin 1

    Old English anoon, anon, anan, lit., in one (moment), from on in + an one. See on and one.

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    1. (archaic) Straightway; at once.
      • 1610, , by William Shakespeare, act 2 scene 2CALIBAN: Thou dost me yet but little hurt; thou wilt anon,
        I know it by thy trembling: now Prosper works upon thee.
      • Authorized Version|Matthew|13|20But he that received the seed into stony places, the same is he that heareth the word, and anon with joy receiveth it;The dead man answered thus:“What good gift shall God give us?”The boards answered him anon:“Flesh to feed hell's worm upon.”
    2. Soon; in a little while.
    3. At another time; then; again.
      • Sometimes he trots, as if he told the steps,With gentle majesty and modest pride;Anon he rears upright, curvets and leaps,As who should say, lo! thus my strength is try'd...

    Origin 2

    From anonymous, by shortening



    (plural anons)
    1. An anonymous person, especially an author
      • 1904, Thomas Wright, The Life of Edward Fitzgerald, vol. 1, page 94Indeed they did all they could to avoid it, coyly hiding their identities behind initials, asterisks, and anons
      • 1940, Virginia Woolf, "Anon".Every body shared in the emotion of Anons sic song .... Anon is sometimes man, sometimes woman....
      • 2004, Jane Milling, Peter Thomson, Joseph W. Donohue, Baz Kershaw, The Cambridge History of British Theatre, page 207Indeed, virtually every known playwright (and probably most of those 'anons') occupied some position in one or more of the patronage networks
      • 2006, J. Michael Walton, Found in Translation: Greek Drama in English, page 185those identified by initials only and the 'Anons' (some of whom are here unmasked)
    2. A work with an unknown author
      • 1984, Helen Hooven Santmyer, "...And Ladies of the Club", page 214On the floor again she came upon a couple of "Anons" and frowned at them: Ought We to Visit Her and Cast Away in The Cold. Those would certainly do very well on the top shelf.
    3. A work without a title



    1. anonymous


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