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    (countable and uncountable; plural comfortabilitys)
    1. (uncountable) Comfort; the condition of being comfortable.
      • 2001: The performance time was measured and the comfortability level was asked at the end of the experiment. — Kwan S. Lee and Hyung T. Shim in Systems, Social and Internationalization Design Aspects of Human-Computer Interactions ISBN 080583608X, p. 421
      • 2001: On the upside, there was a very strong sense of being very much wanted, which included the benefit of lots of time, attention, and encouragement, and a comfortability in the company of other adults. — Nancy London in Hot Flashes Warm Bottles: First-Time Mothers in Midlife, ISBN 0890879710, p. 167
      • 2005: Results of multinomial logistic regression indicated that the easiness of meeting the vacation budget and comfortability of providing credit card information for online purchases increase the probability of respondent satisfaction with the online spring break planning process, while the more time that was used to search for an online vacation the less the likelihood of achieving higher level of satisfaction. — Juline E Mills in Handbook of Consumer Behavior, Tourism, and the Internet ISBN 078902599X, p. 87
    2. (countable) The degree to which something or someone is comfortable
      • 1840 Henry Cockton, "The life and adventures of Valentine Vox, the ventriloquist" - Page 585
        • Oh ! very well ; but you take my advice, sir ; don't you let her stop : if you do, you only study the comfortabilities of a man which has a soul as never can and never ought...
      • 2004 Edward Marx, "The idea of a colony: cross-culturalism in modern poetry" - Page 80
        • One felt that here was a dissector carving out our foolish boasts and our smug comfortabilities into their essentials, ... "The ability to get comfortable under any circumstance" - Dr. Charles Barkley
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