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    • GenAm IPA: /ˈkɔɹənəl/, /kəˈɹoʊnəl/, enPR: /kôr'ə-nəl/
    • RP IPA: /ˈkɔɹənəl/, /kəˈɹəʊnəl/


    From French, from Latin corōnālis ("related to a crown"), from corōna ("crown").

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    (plural coronals)
    1. A crown or coronet.
      • 1485, Thomas Malory, Le Morte Darthur:Then anon the gyant start up, and took a great club in his hand, and smote at the king that his coronall fell to the earth.
      • 1590, Edmund Spenser, The Faerie Queene, III.5:That shall embellish more your beautie bright,
        And crowne your heades with heavenly coronall,
        Such as the Angels weare before Gods tribunall!
    2. A wreath or garland of flowers.
    3. (obsolete) a variant of colonel
    4. The frontal bone, over which the ancients wore their coronae or garlands.
    5. (phonetics) A consonant produced with the tip or blade of the tongue.



    1. relating to a crown or coronation
      • MiltonThe law and his coronal oath require his undeniable assent to what laws the Parliament agree upon.
    2. (astronomy) relating to the corona of a star
      • AbneyThe coronal light during the eclipse is faint.Coronal holes are darker, cooler regions of the sun's atmosphere, or corona, containing little solar material. In these gaps, magnetic field lines whip out into the solar wind rather than looping back to the sun's surface. Coronal holes can affect space weather, as they send solar particles streaming off the sun about three times faster than the slower wind unleashed elsewhere from the sun's atmosphere, according to a description from NASA.
    3. (botany) relating to the corona of a flower
    4. (phonetics) relating to a sound made with the tip or blade of the tongue
    5. (anatomy) a "coronal plane" or a "coronal section" divides a body into dorsal (back) and ventral (front)

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