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    1. (manner) In a different way.
      • 1815, Critical Analysis of Recent Publications, in The Medical and Physical Journal, Vol. 34,I was (says Mr. Highmore) forcibly struck with the violence of its pulsation, so much so, that, if it had been differently situated, I should have considered it an aneurism of considerable magnitude.
      • 1912, Fyodor Dostoevsky, (translator), ,"You see, gentlemen, I couldn't bear the look of him, there was something in him ignoble, impudent, trampling on everything sacred, something sneering and irreverent, loathsome, loathsome. But now that he's dead, I feel differently.""How do you mean?""I don't feel differently, but I wish I hadn't hated him so.""You feel penitent?""No, not penitent, don't write that. I'm not much good myself; I'm not very beautiful, so I had no right to consider him repulsive. That's what I mean. Write that down, if you like."
      • 2007, Vanessa Leonardi, Gender and Ideology in Translation: Do Women and Men Translate Differently?,Recent research in the field of sociolinguistics and related fields has shown that women and men speak differently.
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