• End-


    • RP enPR: ĕnd—, IPA: /ɛnd—/


    From the Ancient Greek ἔνδον (endon, "within").

    Full definition of end-


    1. internal, within, inside

    Usage notes

    When combined with a term beginning with a consonant, end- concatenates with the interfix -o- (as endo-).

    The prefix end- is usually stressed in the terms it forms (as in endoscope: ); however, it is never stressed when stress falls on the following syllable (as in endoscopy: ), and stressing the prefix is optional when the subsequent syllable is stressed (as in endoscopic: or ).

    Derived terms

    internal, within, inside

    Related terms

    terms ultimately deriving from ἔνδον (endon, “within”), but not formed with this prefix



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