• Energetic


    • Rhymes: -ɛtɪk

    Alternative forms


    From Ancient Greek ἐνεργητικός, from ἐνεργέω (energeō, "to be active"), from ἐνεργός (energos, "active")

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    1. Possessing, exerting, or displaying energy.Cosmic rays are energetic particles from outer space.Those kids are so energetic: they want to run around playing all day.
    2. Of or relating to energy.energetic laws

    Usage notes

    Nouns to which "energetic" is often applied: person, man, woman, child, life, material, particle, ion, healing, anatomy, etc.

    Where non-English languages use an adjective analogous to "energetic", English often uses "energy" attributively: "energy efficiency" is much more common than "energetic efficiency".

    Derived terms

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