• Gavialid

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    (plural gavialids)
    1. (zoology) Any reptile of the family Gavialidae.
      • 1999, Patricia L. Barnes-Svarney, Thomas E. Svarney, The Oryx Guide to Natural History: The Earth and All Its Inhabitants, page 178,The gavialids, found in India, eat fish and have slender snouts.
      • 2007, Thomas T. Veblen, Austin Kenneth R. Young, Antony R. Orme, The Physical Geography of South America, page 39,Several genera of crocodiles, gavialids, and turtles evolved from Mesozoic stock.
      • 2009, Christopher A. Brochu, Crocodylians (Crocodylia), S. Blair Hedges, Sudhir Kumar (editors), The Timetree of Life, page 147,The second was based on trees including Gavialis as the closest relative of Tomistoma, and two dates—the basal split within Crocodylia and the crocodylid–gavialid split—were estimated.
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