• Hácek



      • 1997 June 17th,
    Marius Svenkerud, sci.lang, “Re: Russian transliteration (was: Peking versus Beijing (was: Re: Chinese/Japanese ‘l’/‘r’))”, (see the original message) #*: There are the German system (Jelzin, Tschaikowsky), the Serbocroat(?) system (Jelcin, C<hácek>ernomirdin), and there used to be ... a common Scandinavian system that wasn’t always followed.
      • 2003 February 7th,
    Emil Jelstrup, misc.transport.rail.europe, “Re: Train Riga or Vilnius to Tallinn?”, (see the original message) #*: Lugazi (the “z” is with caron/hácek), or Lugazhi in transliterated Cyrillic.
      • 2006 October 25th,
    Michael Pronay, alt.food.wine, “Re: Just back from Piedmont”, (see the original message) #*: There’s no “hácek” (inversed ^) either, which is a problem when writing about eastern European wines.
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