• Hog


    • RP IPA: /hɒɡ/
    • US IPA: /hɑɡ/, /hɔːɡ/
    • Rhymes: -ɒɡ

    Alternative forms

    • (UK, dialectical) 'og


    From Middle English, from Old English hogg, hocg ("hog"), possibly from Old Norse hǫggva ("to strike, chop, cut"), from Proto-Germanic *hawwaną ("to hew, forge"), from Proto-Indo-European *kowə- ("to beat, hew, forge"). Cognate with Old High German houwan, Old Saxon hauwan, Old English hēawan (English hew). "Hog" originally meant a castrated male pig. (Compare "hoggett" for a castrated male sheep.) More at hew.

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    (plural hogs)
    1. Any animal belonging to the Suidae family of mammals, especially the pig, the warthog, and the boar.
    2. A greedy person; one who refuses to share.
    3. (slang) A large motorcycle, particularly a Harley Davidson.
    4. (UK) A young sheep that has not been shorn.
    5. (nautical) A rough, flat scrubbing broom for scrubbing a ship's bottom under water.
    6. A device for mixing and stirring the pulp from which paper is made.
    7. (UK, historical, archaic slang, countable & uncountable) A shilling coin; its value, 12 pence.
    8. (UK, historical, obsolete slang, countable & uncountable) A tanner, a sixpence coin; its value.
      • 1961, Eric Partridge, The Routledge Dictionary of Historical Slanghog (pl hog)... 2. In C.18–early 19, occ. a sixpence: also c., whence the U.S. sense. Prob. ex the figure of a hog on a small silver coin.
    9. (UK, historical, obsolete slang, countable & uncountable) A half-crown coin; its value, 30 pence.
      • 1961, Eric Partridge, The Routledge Dictionary of Historical Slanghog (pl hog)... 3. A half-crown: ca 1860–1910.



    1. (transitive) To greedily take more than one's share, to take precedence at the expense of another or others.Hey! Quit hogging all the blankets.2000 DiCamillo, Kate Because of Winn-Dixie, Scholastic Inc., New York, Ch 15:The ... air-conditioning unit didn't work very good, and there was only one fan; and from the minute me and Winn-Dixie got in the library, he hogged it all.
    2. (transitive) To clip the mane of a horse, making it short and bristly.
    3. (nautical) To scrub with a hog, or scrubbing broom.
    4. (transitive, nautical) To cause the keel of a ship to arch upwards (the opposite of sag).


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