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    {1} + -er

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    (plural identifiers)
    1. Someone who identifies; a person who establishes the identity of.
    2. Something that identifies or uniquely points to something or someone else.
      • 2008, Ted Dunstone, Neil Yager, Biometric System and Data Analysis, Prehistoric artists used hand-prints in cave paintings, perhaps as as 'signature'. They might be considered the earliest example of a biometric identifier.
    3. A guidebook that helps determine the specific class of an object (such as a mushroom, herb, fish, bird, drug, or mineral), or its individual identity (such as that of a star).
    4. (programming, operating systems) A formal name used in source code to refer to a variable, function, procedure, package, etc. or in an operating system to refer to a process, user, group, etc.
    5. (databases) A primary key.
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