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    From the French word ingénue, the feminine form of ingénu (meaning “guileless”), originally from the Latin word ingenuus (meaning “ingenuous”).

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    (plural ingenues)
    1. An innocent, unsophisticated, naïve, wholesome girl or young woman.
    2. A dramatic role of such a woman; an actress playing such a role.
    3. An innocent, unsophisticated, naïve, wholesome person.
      • 11 June 1951, Acheson, Political IngenueMr. Acheson's failure as Secretary of State ... has been an inability to understand people or to be understood by them.
      • 2002, What Makes Lord Byron Go? Strong Determinations-Public/Private-of Imperial ErrancyI cannot resist citing, slightly out of context, another bit of Baudelaire: "Satan s'est fait ingénu" (Satan has made himself into an ingenue Completes 640).
      • 2006, It's a Cue, the NameAmerica why callow ingenue bile?

    Usage notes

    The corresponding masculine term, ingenu, is poorly known, and so the feminine term is sometimes used in a gender-neutral or masculine way. (See the 2002 citation, where the explicit masculine French is feminized in English.)

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