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    (plural lods)
    1. (statistics, initialism) Logarithm of odds; A measure of likelihood calculated by taking the log of the ratio of the probability of a hypothesis being true given the observed data over the probablity that the hypothesis is false.
      • 1999 , Jurg Ott , Analysis of Human Genetic Linkage , Some computer programs furnish p-values rather than maximum lod scores.
      • 2004 , T. Strachan & ‎Andrew P. Read , Human Molecular Genetics 3 , Note that only recombinantion fractions between 0 and 0.5 are meaningful, and that all lod scores are zero at (theta)=0.5 (because they are then measuring the ratio of two identical probabilities, and log10(1)=0).
      • 2001 , Anatoly Ruvinsky & ‎J. Sampson , The Genetics of the Dog , Markers were analysed in decreasing order of informativeness; a marker was only added to the map when it could be localized to a unique interval with a lod score of >= 3.0.
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