• Megatog


    • UK enPR: mĕʹgətŏg, IPA: /ˈmɛɡətɒɡ/


    -("million") + tog (a unit of thermal resistance: “a 0·1°C temperature difference between the two surfaces of a material when the flow of heat is equal to 1W/m²”)

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    (plural megatogs)
    1. (rare, chiefly used attributively and to humorously hyperbolic effect) One million tog.
      • 1992, Susan Roaf and Mary Hancock eds., Energy Efficient Building: A Design Guide (Halsted Press; ISBN 0470219521, 9780470219522), page 7Discomfort can also arise if a building is maintained at an unexpected temperature such as when a hotel bedroom is much warmer than home, and they provide a megatog duvet which can result in a sweaty night.
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