• Mention


    • Rhymes: -ɛnʃən
    • IPA: /ˈmɛnʃən/


    From Old French mention, from Latin mentiō, mentionis.

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    (plural mentions)
    1. A speaking or notice of anything, usually in a brief or cursory manner. Used especially in the phrase to make mention of.
      • Bible, Psalms lxxi. 16I will make mention of thy righteousness.
      • ShakespeareAnd sleep in dull, cold marble, where no mention
        Of me more must be heard of.


    1. To make a short reference to something.
      • 2013-06-01, End of the peer show, Finance is seldom romantic. But the idea of peer-to-peer lending comes close. This is an industry that brings together individual savers and lenders on online platforms....Banks and credit-card firms are kept out of the picture. Talk to enough people in the field and someone is bound to mention the “democratisation of finance”.

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