• Misdeed


    • IPA: /mɪsˈdiːd/


    From Middle English misdede, from Old English misdǣd ("misdeed"), from Proto-Germanic *missa- ("mis-"), *dēdiz ("deed, act"), equivalent to - + deed. Cognate with Scots misded ("misdeed"), West Frisian misdied ("misdeed"), Dutch misdaad ("misdeed"), German Missetat ("misdeed"), Swedish missdåd ("misdeed"), Gothic (missadēþs, "misdeed"). More at mis-, deed.

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    (plural misdeeds)
    1. That which was done that should not have been, ranging from any sin or moral offense to various degrees of crime.The petty misdeeds of his youth came back to haunt him when he ran for political office and his character was smeared.

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