• Mortar


    • Rhymes: -ɔː(r)tə(r)
    • UK IPA: /ˈmɔːtɘ(ɹ)/


    From Old French mortier, from Latin mortarium.

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    (countable and uncountable; plural mortars)
    1. (uncountable) A mixture of lime or cement, sand and water used for bonding bricks and stones.
    2. (countable, military) A muzzle-loading, indirect fire weapon with a tube length of 10 to 20 calibers and designed to lob shells at very steep trajectories.
    3. (countable) A hollow vessel used to pound, crush, rub, grind or mix ingredients with a pestle.

    Derived terms


    1. To use mortar or plaster to join two things together.
    2. To fire a mortar (weapon)

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