• Noesis


    • RP enPR: nō.ēʹsĭs, IPA: /nəʊˈiːsɪs/,
    • US enPR: nō.iʹsĭs, IPA: /noʊˈisᵻs/,

    Alternative forms

    noesis, n.” listed in the Oxford English Dictionary Draft revisionclass="example">June 2008


    From Ancient Greek νόησις (noēsis, "concept”, “idea”, “intelligence”, “understanding"), from νοεῖν (noein, "to intend”, “to perceive”, “to see”, “to understand") (from νοῦς (nous, "mind”, “thought"), from νόος) + -σις, suffix forming nouns of action.

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    (countable and uncountable; plural noesiss)
    1. The consciousness side to duality of noesis and noema.
      • 2003, Denis Fisette, Husserl's Logical Investigations ReconsideredHusserl calls the noesis the meaning-giving element of the act, and the noema he calls the meaning given in the act."
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