• Peradventure


    Middle English peraventure, from Old French par aventure. Spelling modified as though from Latin.

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    1. (archaic) perchance or maybe; perhaps; supposing
      • 1554, John Knox, A Godly Letter of Warning or Admonition to the Faithfull in London, Newcastle, and Berwick:For be God the Propheit was commandit to stand in the entress of the Lordis house, and to speik to all the cieties of Juda that come to wirschip in the house of the Lord; and was commandit to keip no word aback, gif peradventure, sayeth the Lord, thay will herkin and turne everie man frome his wickit way.
      • ShakespeareIf peradventure he speak against me.
      • Bible, Genesis xviii. 24Peradventure there be fifty righteous within the city.



    (plural peradventures)
    1. chance, doubt or uncertaintyProved beyond peradventure. — South.
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