• Pumice


    • IPA: /ˈpʌmɪs/


    From Latin pūmex ("pumice stone").



    1. A light, porous type of pyroclastic igneous rock, formed during explosive volcanic eruptions when liquid lava is ejected into the air as a froth containing masses of gas bubbles. As the lava solidifies, the bubbles are frozen into the rock.
      • 1912, Katherine Mansfield, The Woman at the Store, Oxford World's Classics 2002, page 10The wind blew close to the ground - it rooted among the tussock grass - slithered along the road, so that the white pumice dust swirled in our faces - settled and sifted over us and was like a dry-skin itching for growth on our bodies.

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    1. (transitive) To abrade or roughen with pumice.
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