• Ram


    • UK enPR: răm, IPA: /ɹæm/
    • Rhymes: -æm


    From Old English ramm.

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    (plural rams)
    1. A male sheep or goat; a billy.
    2. A battering ram; a heavy object used for breaking through doors.
    3. A warship intended to sink other ships by ramming them.
    4. A piston powered by hydraulic pressure.


    1. (transitive) To intentionally collide with (a ship) with the intention of damaging or sinking it.
    2. (transitive) To strike (something) hard, especially with an implement.After placing the cartridge in the musket, ram it down securely with the ramrod.
    3. To have sexual intercourse with
      • 1999, Mr.Web, Size Matters review by mr. web review Group: rec.arts.movies.eroticalike feel a soft butt against their pelvis or ram a girl really hard with piston-like speed while she begs and screams for more
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