• Scrofula


    Latin diminutive of scrofa: a breeding sow, because swine were supposed to be subject to the complaint; or by fanciful comparison of the glandular swellings to little pigs.

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    (plural scrofulas or scrofulae or scrofulæ)
    1. A form of tuberculosis, most common in children, tending to cause enlarged and degenerated lymph glands, especially in the neck, and often chronic, intractable skin inflammation as well.
      • 1970: R.H.C. Davis A History of Medieval Europe Longman: SBN 582482089. P298. "(In 1100) It (The Church) relied on the king (of France) for protection and in return gave him authority. It even ..gave support for the claim that by his royal touch, he could miraculously cure the scrofula. (A similar claim was made for the kings of England, and was exercised till the reign of Queen Anne; one of the last people to be cured in that way being Dr. Johnson.)
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