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    From Old French singularite, from Late Latin singularitas ("singleness"), from Latin singularis ("single"); see singular.

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    (countable and uncountable; plural singularitys)
    1. the state of being singular, distinct, peculiar, uncommon or unusual
      • AddisonI took notice of this little figure for the singularity of the instrument.
      • Sir Walter RaleighPliny addeth this singularity to that soil, that the second year the very falling down of the seeds yieldeth corn.
    2. a point where all parallel lines meet
    3. a point where a measured variable reaches unmeasurable or infinite value
    4. (mathematics) the value or range of values of a function for which a derivative does not exist
    5. (physics) a point or region in spacetime in which gravitational forces cause matter to have an infinite density; associated with black holes
    6. A proposed point in the technological future at which artificial intelligences become capable of augmenting and improving themselves, leading to an explosive growth in intelligence.
    7. (obsolete) Anything singular, rare, or curious.
      • ShakespeareYour gallery Have we passed through, not without much content
        In many singularities.
    8. (obsolete) Possession of a particular or exclusive privilege, prerogative, or distinction.
      • HookerNo bishop of Rome ever took upon him this name of singularity bishop.
      • Bishop PearsonCatholicism ... must be understood in opposition to the legal singularity of the Jewish nation.
    9. (obsolete) celibacy

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