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    1. (legal, law enforcement) Of or pertaining to laws or policing practices, found in some jurisdictions, which permit a law enforcement officer to temporarily detain and search a member of the public based on the officer's suspicions.
    (retrieved 20 August 2013)
      • Adding to the department's problems is a long-running controversy over a stop-and-search policy that includes random searches of young black men.
      • 1997 Nov. 13, Rob Modic, "Motorist Must Know "Free to Go"," Dayton Daily News (USA)
    (retrieved 20 August 2013)
    (retrieved 20 August 2013)
    (retrieved 20 August 2013)
      • A U.S. judge has ruled the New York Police Department has violated the rights of tens of thousands of people by intentionally discriminating against racial minorities with its controversial "stop-and-search" policy.

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    1. (often without hyphens) A police action of this type.


    1. (usually without hyphens) To perform a police action of this type.
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