• Tautologist

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    (plural tautologists)
    1. One who makes tautologies.
      • 1996, Syed Manzoorul Islam, The Ethics of Travel: From Marco Polo to Kafka‎, p. 28:His is the pseudo-movement, where the doubling simply mimics the routine of a tautologist, of a monologist, and of a Hegelian dialectician.
      • 1995, Philip Collins, Charles Dickens: The Critical Heritage‎, p. 579:Nature isn't such a tautologist as to make another to follow him.
      • 1886, Alexander Melville Bell, Essays and Postscripts on Elocution‎, p. 162:When his action is mechanically good he produces a great effect on an uncritical assembly, but he is a tiresome tautologist to the intellectual.
      • 1870, Victor Hugo, The Destroyer of the Second Republic: Being Napoleon the Little‎, p. 302:Do you think that God is a tautologist? Let us have faith! Let us say something positive. Irony of itself is the beginning of baseness.
      • 1797, John Bell, Bell's British Theatre: Consisting of the Most Esteemed English Plays‎, P. 19:Oh, that damn'd tautologist too!
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