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    From Middle English threp ("rebuke", noun.), from Middle English threpen ("to scold"), from Old English þrēapian ("to reprove, reprehend, punish, blame"), from Proto-Germanic *þraupōną ("to punish"), from Proto-Germanic *þrawō ("torment, punishment"), from Proto-Germanic *þrawēną ("to torment, injure, exhaust"), from Proto-Indo-European *trōw- ("to beat, wound, kill, torment"). Akin to Old English þrēagan ("to rebuke, punish, chastise"), þrēa ("correction, punishment"), þrōwian ("to suffer"). More at throe.

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    (plural threaps)
    1. an altercation, quarrel, argument
    2. an accusation or serious charge


    1. to scold, rebuke
    2. to argue, bicker
      • Percy's ReliquesIt's not for a man with a woman to threap.
    3. to call, to name
    4. to cozen or cheat
    5. To maintain obstinately against denial or contradiction.He threaped me down that it was so.
    6. To beat or thrash.

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