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    • UK: IPA: /ˈtreɪnə/
    • US: enPR: trāʹnər, IPA: /ˈtreɪnɚ/
    • Rhymes: -eɪnə(ɹ)


    {1} + -er

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    (plural trainers)
    1. A person who trains another; a coach.
    2. (sports) A person responsible for treating injuries sustained by players during matches; a physiotherapist.
      • 2009, Garth Dykes, Nelson FC in the Football League, page 22:He served Nelson wholeheartedly as a player, coach and trainer in a lengthy association, the highlights being his involvement in two championship-winning sides.
    3. (British) A running shoe or sneaker.
    4. (video games, slang) A patch for a video game that applies cheats.
      • 2000, "Phil", I need trainer for version 1.10.021 (on newsgroup alt.games.rctycoon)I actually never got a trainer for RCT, but needed one for my brother when I installed it on his computer. He is 10, and is only concerned with making "cool" coasters. I also completed CF before getting trainers.
      • 2001, "LJames4728", Good C64 Game Sites? (on newsgroup alt.c64)Are there any sites that have original copies of games? (ie: Summer/Winter/World Games with Fast Loading). Just looking for games without the trainers/intros.
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