• Free Word Finder – Words with Friends Cheat

    Do you want to have the definition of a word, the origin or examples of good use at your fingertips? Free Word finder is a one-stop resource, both online and mobile, for everyone that loves languages and everything word related.

    Correct usage of words matter. Our online English dictionary is designed to do just that and help you communicate more effectively in any situation, whether you’re looking to improve your language on a day-to-day basis, or on a business level. We continue to innovate & develop our word finder and tools to keep up with languages that are changing constantly as the world changes. For all the word play fanatics out there, give the words with friends cheat or Scrabble cheat a chance and see how it can elevate your game.

    Free Word finder sets itself apart by providing clear sentence examples along with straightforward definitions that are easy to understand. We’ve additionally developed a Scrabble word finder tool to help people become better at popular word games such as Words with Friends and Scrabble. These useful lists of words that end in Q and words that start with Z show the highest scoring words.

    Word finder directions:

    a) Select your word game
    b) Place letters into the board (use arrow keys to navigate)
    c) Enter the letters from your rack (put in a ? if you have a blank tile)
    d) Hit enter or click find

    The board shows which words are possible from the letters and indicate where to place it to yield the highest score. Besides the board, it’s also possible to enter up to 12 letters (? for a blank tile) into the word finder search box to find playable words by using TWL, ENABLE or SOWPODS. For another useful list check out words with Q.

    Select dictionary from the top to find the definition of any word from our online dictionary. Free word finder isn’t just about defining the meaning of a word, but works at creating a learning center helping people around the world improve their language through innovative tools and bringing nonnative speakers closer to proper English. Whether you’re looking for a Words with Friends cheat tool or a full dictionary, free word finder is the best way to go.