• Free Scrabble Word Finder

    Scrabble tends to be tougher and harder compared to other word games, which is one of the reason’s people use our Scrabble cheat. There are many tactics and strategies employed in the game – outsmarting your opponents can prove to be difficult, especially if you’re still learning the game. There are dozens of unfamiliar Scrabble dictionary words – ones that are not used in daily conversations – that can help you earn big points and help you win. This tool is useful in tight situations, including:
    • When your letter rack is filled with either more than five consonants or vowels, which can pose a challenge if you’re looking for high-scoring Scrabble words.
    • You’re behind by more than 50 points. By using our Scrabble cheat, you can easily catch up to your opponent in less than three turns!
    • When you experience a situation wherein it’s simply impossible for you to come up with any valid words from the official Scrabble dictionary.
    • You have more than three hard consonants. Imagine having the letters Z, Q, J and X on your rack at the same time. A word finder for Scrabble would be more than welcome in this case.

    Try Scrabble Helper Now

    Using a nifty Scrabble helper will help you pile up points and win the game. Our Scrabble solver does not only present you with high scoring words, but it also shows you the best scoring options on a board and all other possible plays from your rack. This in turn makes it a must for both newbies and expert Scrabble strategists alike. It can also be used in other games as well, like Lexulous and Text Twist. So, regardless if you need a Words with Friends cheat, our solver tool is certainly the best option for any fanatic to have around when playing a word game.

    A tool to help you win – and learn – is at your fingers!

    There are a lot of benefits that can be availed if you play Scrabble, especially if you use a Scrabble word finder to help you out. These mainly involve cognition and intellect, especially in the aspects involving words, which include the following:

    • Spelling – as you may already know, Scrabble is a game which is built around forming words. Simply put, you need to learn the spelling of a word even before you place it. Aside from the words that you play, you will be able to pick up a few words and spellings from your opponents.

    • Vocabulary – you just don’t learn new words in Scrabble: you learn their meanings and definitions as well. Vocabulary comes in handy, especially if you’re learning the language.

    • Anagramming – if you have played Text Twist, you already know what this is. Basically, this is the ability to form and create new words from the set of letters you currently have. Remember that in Scrabble, you have seven letters on your rack all the time.

    Using a Scrabble cheat will boost the above mentioned abilities, thus improving skills involving words, especially in the case of children and non-native English speakers. Overall, the experience of playing the game is fulfilling and mutually beneficial to you and your opponent. Regardless if you’re playing digitally or on a board, enjoy it.