• 10 Unwanted Scenarios in Every Scrabble Game

    Every Scrabble game, regardless if it involves using a Scrabble helper or not and played in real life or digitally, is a really fun game and can be played by everybody. However, like all games, it involves the concept of winning and losing. Of course, anyone in their right mind would want to win, but sometimes, certain situations unfold, which could lead ultimately to your undoing. Some are caused by your folly or a result of your opponent’s craftiness.

    Time to know what they are.


    #1. An all vowel rack

    An all vowel rackThere are seven letter tiles per rack, unless if you there are no longer any letter tiles that can be drawn. This is a potential nightmare for every Scrabble player, and it always results into a tile swap and skipped turn. Hey, it’s just the start of the entry, what’s as worse – or worst – than an all vowel rack anyway?

    #2. An all consonant rack

    Well, here’s the answer to the question in the previous number! That being said, although there are some consonant-exclusive words like SYZGY, these are quite rare. However, you can escape unscathed from this situation if you wisely use your S, R, L and Y tiles. Bear in mind that this can easily be prevented by an organized and well executed rack management.

    #3. Inability to form a word

    Inability to form a word


    There are times in Scrabble wherein you just can’t seem to think of a word, and it is totally one of the most annoying and awkward moments, especially if you’re playing in real life. This can happen even to the best players. In situations, like these, it’s best to take a bathroom break and slap yourself on the cheek.

    #4. There are no openings

    If it’s a highly defensive game and your opponent seems to be leaving no opening, the emotions you’ll feel will be one of the worst. In situations like these, you might be required to pull off a game-changing move or be forced to open the board yourself, only to have your opponent take advantage of it.

    easy-button#5. Your opponent is outclassing you

    There are times wherein your opponent might seem like he’s using a word finder in his head, which in turn makes you think why you’re playing the game in the first place. Although this situation is nightmarish, just keep on fighting and have fun!

    #6. You are outclassing your opponent

    Especially in real life games, you wouldn’t know what to if you’re in a situation like this, especially if you’re leading by over a hundred points. If you’re looking at your opponent’s squinting and desperately trying to think of a way to catch up, you’d probably feel nothing but pity. The best you can do is keep playing, keep the distance and cruise to victory.

    sleepy cat#7. You’re sleepy

    In a lighter note, there might come a time when you’re mentally exhausted from placing tiles on the board all game long. Although this isn’t a problem if you’re playing digitally, you wouldn’t want to yawn in front of your opponent, for obvious reasons.

    #8. Your opponent scores a bingo

    One of the worst feelings ever is to see your opponent put a seven letter word on the board, gains the base score plus the points provided by the multiplier squares, and 50 extra points. Well, seeing him smile because of his latest achievement is definitely enough to make you frown.

    #9. Your opponent scores with “MUZJIKS” on the first turn

    Your opponent scores with “MUZJIKS” on the first turn

    This is possibly one of the worst feelings ever. Why? Well, MUZJIKS is actually a very popular word among Scrabble players, due to it providing the highest score in an opening turn at 128. It’ll definitely make you try to catch up to him the whole game.

    #10. Lastly, you’re losing

    If a loss is imminent, waving the white flag should automatically be considered. However, there are some opponents that would appreciate it if you fight until the bitter end. Why? Well, they might be nearing their personal best score.