• Top 5 Totally Absurd Scrabble Words and Their Definitions

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    Most people would agree that Scrabble is a game for people with good vocabulary, an eye for opportunity and just common sense. But what if you somehow stumbled upon unfamiliar words that sound so crazy that calling them gibberish would be an understatement. It pays to learn unusual words – put one on the board and look at your opponent’s facial expression when he finds out that it’s actually legitimate. So, let’s cut to the chase, and learn a few of these words. You never know, they may come in handy in the future!

    Qindarka, Albania’s version of the cent
    Scrabble is fond of foreign currencies, which may be the reason why Hasbro, the game’s distributor in North America, included Qindarka in the official word list. Basically, this word is the plural form of qintar, Albania’s version of the cent. The southeastern European country’s official currency is the Lek, and one lek is equal to one hundred qintar. It gives a base score of 22 in Scrabble. Its length makes it a bingo word and you could cover multiple bonus tiles by using it.

    Zyzzyva, a tropical insect
    You can actually play this word, as long as you somehow have the two blank squares with you. Despite the dim chances of being able to play it, this word deserves a spot on this list. Just read it. This word is used to call a weevil (a type of beetle) usually found staying at palms plants. The blank tiles reduce its value by 20 points, but it still gives a respectable 23 points and a bingo chance.

    Syzygy, an astronomical alignment
    Although you need to use a blank square to be the third Y, syzygy is still a handy word to learn – it has no vowels and it looks like a word made up by a toddler. This is defined as an astronomical alignment of the moon, sun and earth in a straight line. It dishes out a base score of 21, and it forms an amusing expression on your opponent’s face. If this isn’t enough for you, it has three other derivatives, which are: syzygal, syzygial and its plural form, syzygies.

    Umiaq, a boat
    This word could pass off as an ancient Middle Eastern king’s name, but it actually came from the Eskimo people, specifically the Inuit and Yupik. It was used as a boat to move people and possessions to seasonal hunting grounds, but due to the rise of motorboats, it has been replaced by most. However, it is still being used by some tribes in Alaska. It could also be spelled umiak. It gives a base score of 16, but more than that, it’s a great way to get rid of the Q and M.

    Dirndl, a woman’s dress
    The word dirndl originated from Germany, and is primarily defined as a full wide skirt with a tight waistband. It is also used to call a dress worn by peasant women in countries like Germany, Switzerland and Austria. It only gives a total of eight points, but it’s certainly something you’d want to wear (if you’re a girl) to a costume party.

    Overall, if you’re playing with the “challenge” rule, adding these words into your arsenal is strategically a good thing: your opponent may lose a turn by challenging you!