• Applying Words With Friends And Scrabble Tournament Terminologies

    scrabble tournament“Yehey”, “Got it”, “Whoah” are some of the expressions you will hear from Scrabble and words with friends players who score at least 30 points and above in a single turn. Perhaps, you are also one of them in an actual game, just to express your amazement or disbelief. But when you play a tournament, these are not professional words to use.

    Each expression or term in a scrabble tournament has its own specific meaning [Tweet Me!]. Professional players should know them in order to understand what they mean. By understanding comes awareness. Knowing the words can help players to react appropriately upon hearing them. They can tell what has happened even without looking on the board, while at the same time, focusing on their turn.

    6 Important Tournament Terminologies


    “Bingo” is considered as a good hap. It is used when a player played all seven letters on the rack. An ideal turn! Obviously, this gains him/her additional 50 points for that turn – something worth bragging about.


    It doesn’t refer to the end of a game, but gives a signal to its approaching end. Specifically, the endgame is used in a portion of a scrabble game, when there are a few or no tiles left to draw from the bag. Players at this point become more enthusiastic as the final turn decides who will win. And given that no more tiles left, means that you will have to make sure a good score to your final turns.


    There is an instance which seems to be your luckiest moment, yet not. Gladly, you have formed a seven letter word on your rack. That can give you plus 50 on your turn. Only it’s sad to think that there’s no way you can place that word on the board. In this case, the right term to use is nongo.


    Being strategic in a game is a good sign of winning. And one of the strategies used is fishing. It is when a player play only one or two tiles, while leaving the five or six good tiles on his/her rack with a hope of playing a high-scoring word on the next turn.


    There are not-cool tactics in a scrabble game. This does not apply to word of finder though. But yeah, there are scrabble playing methods which are unethical. One is brailing. This is done when a player feels the tiles while his/her hand is in the bag in order to draw a blank or other specific letter. Unethical as it is, this tactic is highly forbidden.


    If there are bad tactics, then there are good tactics too. Blocking is an ethical move to block a possibility for an opponent to score high on his/her next turn. You may have noticed that there are words close to a multiplier, which are difficult to add a word on. It seems you can’t create a word to attach to it, to get that enticing multiplier. This tactic used to it is called blocking.

    Some tips tell you to learn these and those, but one tip I can give is to master how word-twisting works. You may train this skill through word finder. It is words with friends cheat that helps you create words out of a given set of tile. Words with friends cheat board helps you broaden your vocabulary and come up with a good turn for your next high-scoring word – and to win.

    Nevertheless, these are just a few most common words you should list on your vocabulary when playing a scrabble or word finder tournament. Learning them will give you a sense of professionalism in a game. After all, they are words too, and using them might give you a surprising score in your turn.