• Baroque


    • UK IPA: /bæˈrÉ’k/
  • Rhymes: -É’k
    • US IPA: /bəˈroÊŠk/
  • Rhymes: -əʊk
  • Origin

    Via French (which originally meant a pearl of irregular shape) from Portuguese barroco ("irregular pearl"); related to Spanish barrueco and Italian barocco, of uncertain ultimate origin, but possibly from Latin verruca ("wart").

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    1. ornate, intricate, decorated, laden with detail.
    2. complex and beautiful, despite an outward irregularity.
    3. chiseled from stone, or shaped from wood, in a garish, crooked, twisted, or slanted sort of way, grotesque.
    4. embellished with figures and forms such that every level of relief gives way to more details and contrasts.
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