• Authorization

    Alternative forms



    (countable and uncountable; plural authorizations)
    1. (uncountable) Permission.I've got authorization. Call the office and you'll see.
    2. (countable) An act of authorizing.
      • 1966, Education at Berkeley, Our proposal thus envisages a new procedure for the authorization of experimental program
      • 1985, May, His authorization of decapitation targeting is incompatible with his theory of limited war
      • 1990, Horst Ungerer, The European monetary system: developments and perspectives, Its purpose is to govern the authorization of credit institutions and the provision of financial services throughout the EC.
    3. (countable) (A document giving) formal sanction, permission or warrant.Can I see your authorization?
    4. (government) Permission, possibly limited, to spend funds for a specific budgetary purpose.We've had the authorization for years, but we've never gotten an appropriation.


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