• Avoidance

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    (usually uncountable; plural avoidances)
    1. The act of annulling; annulment.
    2. The act of becoming vacant, or the state of being vacant; – specifically used for the state of a benefice becoming void by the death, deprivation, or resignation of the incumbent.
    3. A dismissing or a quitting; removal; withdrawal.
    4. The act of avoiding or shunning; keeping clear of.
      • 1907, Robert Chambers, The Younger Set Chapter 8, At her invitation he outlined for her the succeeding chapters with terse military accuracy ; and what she liked best and best understood was avoidance of that false modesty which condescends, turning technicality into pabulum.
    5. Any thing that is to be avoided
    6. The courts by which anything is carried off.
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