• Back-to-back


    • IPA: /ËŒbæk.təˈbæk/

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    1. (idiomatic) sequential or consecutive.Ruth and Gehrig hit back-to-back home runs.They sat through two back-to-back movies.
      • 2011, February 12, Les Roopanarine, Birmingham 1 - 0 Stoke, An injury-time goal from Nikola Zigic against an obdurate Stoke side gave Birmingham back-to back Premier League wins for the first time in 14 months.
    2. With one's back facing that of somebody else.
    3. (of a house) Having a party wall at the rearWe lived in a row of back-to-back houses.



    1. With one's back facing that of somebody else.Stand back-to-back so that we can see which of you is taller.
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