• Belong


    • UK: IPA: /bɪˈlÉ’Å‹/
    • US: enPR: bÄ­-lôngʹ, IPA: /bɪˈlɔŋ/
    • Rhymes: -É’Å‹

    Origin 1

    From Middle English belongen, from - + longen("to belong"), from Old English langian ("to pertain to, suit"). Compare Dutch belangen ("to concern"), German belangen ("to attain, concern"). More at be-, long.

    Full definition of belong


    1. (intransitive) To have its proper place.
      Where does this document belong?
      1. (of a person) To be accepted in a group.
        You don’t belong here — get out.
      2. (followed by to) To be a part of a group.
        I don’t belong to them!
    2. (intransitive, followed by to) To be part of, or the property of.
      That house belongs to me.
      • 1898, Winston Churchill, The Celebrity Chapter 2, Sunning himself on the board steps, I saw for the first time Mr. Farquhar Fenelon Cooke. He was dressed out in broad gaiters and bright tweeds, like an English tourist, and his face might have belonged to Dagon, idol of the Philistines.
      • 1927, F. E. Penny, Pulling the Strings Chapter 4, A turban and loincloth soaked in blood had been found; also a staff. These properties were known to have belonged to a toddy drawer. He had disappeared.
    3. (intransitive, followed by to) To be the spouse or partner of.
    4. (intransitive, set theory) (followed by to) To be an element of (a set). The symbol \in means belongs to.
      Suppose x belongs to \mathbb{R}...'' (— written: x \in \mathbb{R})
    5. (obsolete, transitive) To be deserved by.
      • unknown date Ben JonsonMore evils belong us than happen to us.


    Origin 2


    1. (Australian Aboriginal‎, optionally followed by to) Of, belonging to.
      • 1915, E. R. Masson, Untamed TerritoryJim Campbell, Charlie, Dick, ... Fred, lubra b’longa him, me, thass all.
      • 1936, M. & E. Durack, ChunumaBy an’ bye ’im grow ’m up make ’m good fella stockman b’longta you.
      • 1977, N. Kolig, Playing Alonga MudThose who had persevered with the course and had acquired some skill were now almost deferentially called ‘Maban (expert) belonga clay’.
      • 1986, Kowanyama News, Dec.Them two bin help’m too, and that father blung to this one old Frank.
      • 1986, B. Shaw, CountrymenThere’s the bloke that’s kill that feller, uncle belong you an me.
      • 1991, D. B. Rose, Hidden HistoriesGet that fire wood stacked up like that tree there, that high ... It wasn’t wood belong to that fire pile. Might be for station, or somebody else, you know.
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