• Blinding


    1. Present participle of blind

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    1. Very bright (as if to cause blindness).
    2. Making blind or as if blind; depriving of sight or of understanding.blinding tears; blinding snow
    3. (UK, slang) brilliant; marvellousHow's it going?
      Blinding, mate.



    1. (neologism) To an extreme degree; blindingly.
      • 1983, Régis Debray, Critique of Political Reason, certain 'details' of 'scientifically realized socialism' became blinding obvious
      • 1997, Steven Barnes, Blood Brothers, He made the basket on his second attempt, after an exchange of moves so blinding fast that Derek could barely distinguish them.
      • 2003, Sally Prue, The Devil's Toenail, I was in a nightmare, and everything was blinding bright, inky black, blinding bright; and fading, and fading
      • 2005, Feb 8, The greatest show on earth, It's the blinding obvious fact that American football is the real-life equivalent of Quidditch. Or maybe Fireball - the game invented by Joey and Chandler
      • 2006, Nov 28, Converged networks lack adequate business tools, WHILST IT'S blinding obvious that converged networks are the way to go, it's also apparent that C21 Century networks won't get rapidly rolled out
      • 2007, May 24, US Note Yields Near 4-Month High Before Durable Goods Report, Roger Yates, chief executive officer of Henderson Group Plc in London, which oversees about $125 billion said Greenspan's remarks were "blinding obvious".



    (plural blindings)
    1. The act of causing blindness.
    2. A thin coat of sand or gravel used to fill holes in a new road surface.
    3. A thin sprinkling of sand or chippings laid on a newly tarred surface.
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