• Brawl


    • UK IPA: /bɹɔːl/
    Rhymes: -ɔːl
    • US IPA: /bɹɔl/
    • cot-caught IPA: /bɹɑl/


    Middle English braule, brall "brawl, squabble" from braulen, brallen "to clamour, boast, quarrel". Compare Middle High German prālen "to boast, flaunt" (German prahlen "to vaunt, boast, flaunt"), Low German brallen "to brag", Dutch brallen "to boast", Danish bralle "chatter, jabber".



    (plural brawls)
    1. A fight, usually with a large number of people involved.

    Full definition of brawl


    1. To engage in a brawl; to fight or quarrel.
    2. To complain loudly; to scold.
    3. To make a loud confused noise, as the water of a rapid stream running over stones.
      • Wordsworthwhere the brook brawls along the painful road
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