• Concession


    • IPA: /kənˈsɛʃən/
    • Hyphenation: con + ces + sion


    Late Middle English, from Middle French, from Latin concessionem, accusative singular of concessio ("a grant, permission, conceding"), from concedere

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    (plural concessions)
    1. the act of conceding, especially that of defeat
    2. something, such as an argument, that is conceded or admitted to be wrong
    3. (rhetoric) Admitting a point to strengthen one's overall case.
    4. the grant of some land to be used for a specified purpose
    5. (chiefly US) a contract to operate a small business as a subsidiary of a larger company, or within the premises of some institution; the business itself and the space from which it operates
    6. (Canada) In Ontario, a small road between tracts of farmland.

    Derived terms


    1. To grant or approve by means of a concession agreement.----
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