• Execution


    • IPA: /ËŒek.sɪˈkjuː.ʃən/


    From Old French execution (c.1360), from Latin executio, an agent noun from exequi ("to follow out"), from out + sequor ("follow").

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    (plural executions)
    1. The act, manner or style of executing (actions, maneuvers, performances).
    1. The state of being executed (accomplished).The battle plan was successfully executed.
    2. The act of putting to death or being put to death as a penalty, or actions so associated.
    3. (legal) The carrying into effect of a court judgment, or of a will.
    4. (legal) The formal process by which a contract is made valid and put into binding effect.
    5. (computing) The carrying out of an instruction, program or program segment by a computer.The entire machine slowed down during the execution of the virus checker.Whenever the matrix inversion function executed the program crashed.


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