• Groan


    • UK IPA: /ɡɹəʊn/
    • US enPR: ʹgrōn, IPA: /ɡɹoʊn/
    • Rhymes: -əʊn
    • Homophones: grown

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    (plural groans)
    1. A low, mournful sound uttered in pain or grief.
    2. A low, guttural sound uttered in frustration or disapproval.


    1. To make a groan.We groaned at his awful jokes.The wooden table groaned under the weight of the banquet.
    2. (obsolete) To strive after earnestly, as if with groans.
      • HerbertNothing but holy, pure, and clear,
        Or that which groaneth to be so.
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