• Impetuous


    • IPA: /imˈpɛtʃuəs/


    From Middle English, from Old French impetueux, from Late Latin impetuōsus ("violent"), from Latin impetus ("attack").

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    1. Making arbitrary decisions, especially in an impulsive and forceful manner.
      • 1880, John Weeks Moore, Complete Encyclopaedia of Music, "":But it was natural, that the impetuous, restless young artist should incline more to excess of strength than of delicacy in his playing.
    2. Characterized by sudden and violent force.
      • 1794, Ann Radcliffe, , vol. II, :He stands, and views in the faint rays
        Far, far below, the torrent's rising surge,
        And listens to the wild impetuous roar
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