• Lovingkindness


    • RP IPA: /lÊŒ.vɪŋˈkʌɪnd.nɪs/, /-nÉ™s/
    • GA IPA: /ËŒlÉ™.vɪŋˈkaɪn(d).nɪs/
    • Hyphenation: lov + ing + kind + ness


    en + loving + kindness. The word arises in the King James Version of the Bible as a translation of .

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    (countable and uncountable; plural lovingkindnesss)
    1. (archaic, uncountable) Kindness or mercy which is based on, or arises from, love; (countable) an act of such kindness or mercy.
      • King James Version|Jeremiah|9|24|format=full|url=https://archive.org/stream/Bible1611/Binder1#page/n828/mode/1up/|passage=But let him that glorieth, glory in this, that hee vnderÅ¿tandeth and knoweth me, that I am the Lord which exerciÅ¿e louing kindneÅ¿Å¿e, iudgement, and righteouÅ¿neÅ¿Å¿e in the earth: for in these things I delight, Å¿aith the Lord.
      • 1643, Jer. Burroughes Jeremiah Burroughs, An Exposition of the Prophecie of Hosea. Begun in Divers Lectures upon the First Three Chapters, at w Chapter The Nineteenth Lecture: Hosea 2. 20, 21, 22, 23., ... My loving kindneÅ¿Å¿e, my mercifull diÅ¿position is a great bond, but my faithfulneÅ¿Å¿e Å¿hall binde me also, I will be content to ingage my Å¿elfe to you, to ingage all that I am, and all that I have to you, that you may certainly confide in me, Å¿o as you may not onely expect it from my love, but challenge it from my faithfulneÅ¿Å¿e.
      • 2 April 1736, George Whitefield, The Works of the Reverend George Whitefield, M.A., Late of w Chapter Letter XI. To the Same H., What a comfort is it for chriÅ¿tian friends to relate to each other the loving-kindneÅ¿s of the Lord? O let his praiÅ¿es be ever in our mouths, that we may be telling of his Å¿alvation from day to day.
      • 1867, Seymour Robinson, Songs for the Sanctuary: Or, Hymns and Tunes for Christian Worship Chapter Loving-kindness, Awake, my soul, to joyful lays,
        And sing the great Redeemer's praise;
        He justly claims a song from me:
        His loving-kindness, oh, how free!
      • 1867, Charles Haddon Spurgeon, Morning by Morning; or, Daily Readings for the Family or the Closet Chapter Oct. 17. ‘And David said in his heart, I shall now perish one day by the hand of Saul.’ — 1 Samuel xxvii. 1., Have we ever had the shadow of a reason to doubt our Father's goodness? Have not His loving-kindnesses been marvellous? Has he once failed to justify our trust? Ah, no! our God has not left us at any time.
      • 1997, Sharon Salzberg, A Reconciliation Sourcebook Chapter Mercy, In just the same way, the force of metta, lovingkindness, allows us to cohere, to come together within ourselves and with all beings. The beauty of this truth moved the Buddha to say that sustaining a loving heart, even for the duration of the snap of a finger, makes one a truly spiritual being.
      • 2012, James Hastings, The Book of Acts: Children’s Great Bible Texts Chapter Seaside Lodgings, When we look at the grains of sand â€“ countless in number â€“ they speak to us of the multitude of God's lovingkindnesses to us.
      • 2014, Michael J. Cavallaro, Ten Minutes to Deep Meditation: Techniques that Reduce Stress and Relieve Anger, Anxiety & Depression Chapter Finishing Core Meditation with Lovingkindness, After you have spent your second week of meditation on developing mindfulness, your third week of meditation will involve developing lovingkindness. Lovingkindness Meditation, which is the third core practice, focuses bringing love, compassion, sympathy, and joy into your life.
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