• Manna


    • IPA: /ˈmænÉ™/
    • Rhymes: -ænÉ™
    • Homophones: manner, manor non-rhotic dialects only

    Alternative forms


    From Middle English, from Old English, from Late Latin manna, from Ancient Greek μάννα, from Hebrew מן (mān, "'manna").

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    1. Food miraculously produced for the Israelites in the desert in the book of Exodus.
    2. By extension, any good thing which comes into one's hands by luck or good fortune.
    3. The sugary sap of the manna gum tree which oozes out from holes drilled by insects and falls to the ground around the tree.http://www.museum.vic.gov.au/forest/plants/gum.html
      • 1966, Bill Beatty, Tales of Old Australia, National Distributors, ISBN 1-86436-013-5, page 14, discussing old Australian foodsThe icing on the cake was made from manna, which was gathered under the manna gums. Manna mixed with milk made a splendid icing.


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