• Masculism


    From masculine + -ism, after feminism.

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    (plural masculisms)
    1. Support for male domination of women, for patriarchy; opposition to equality for women; anti-feminism.
      • 1983, Sheila Ruth, quoted in Judith Evans (1986), Feminism and Political Theory http://books.google.com/books?id=094_AAAAMAAJ, ISBN 0803997051, page 70:Fascism, fully revealed, is the extreme, exquisite expression of masculism, of patriarchy, and thus the natural enemy of feminism, its quintessential opposite.
      • 2003, Punishment and Social Control, second edition (Thomas G. Blomberg, Stanley Cohen, ISBN 0202307018), page 125:As Brittan (1989:4) has succinctly put it, "the ideology that justifies and naturalizes male domination" is "masculism." And masculism is already antisocial because masculism as an ideology universalizes "man" as the "maker" of history.
      • 2009, Judith A. Allen, The feminism of Charlotte Perkins Gilman: sexualities, histories, progressivism, page 152:Titling a 1914 public lecture series at New York's Astor Hotel, “Studies in Masculism,” she complained that the printer objected to the word and attempted to change it.Despite an unfriendly press, she specially targeted "masculist" authors and purveyors of negative views of women.
    2. Sexism in favor of men.
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