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    (plural nonaffixes)
    1. (linguistics) A morpheme that is not an affix.
      • 1960, Alfred Louis Kroeber and George William Grace, The Sparkman Grammar of Luiseño (University of California Press), page 57Where no ambiguity has resulted, the terms (i.e., "verb," "nonverb," "noun," "adjective," etc.) applied to these classes have been used to refer to forms consisting of anything from a stem (single, nonaffix morpheme) to a sequence of several morphemes, whether or not the form in question constituted a word.
      • 1975, Charles Read, Children’s Categorization of Speech Sounds in English (National Council of Teachers of English; ISBN 0814106307, 9780814106303), page 34In the extension of the affix Y to nonaffixes, the invented spelling is clearly more “phonetic” than standard spelling; it does not maintain the morphophonemic distinctions that are important in adult spelling.


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