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    (plural parties)
    1. Obsolete spelling of en.
      • 1590?, Morice, A Briefe Treatise of Oathes Exacted by Ordinaries and Ecclesiasticall Iudges, to Answere Generallie to All Such Articles or Interrogatories, as Pleaseth Them to Propound. And of Their Forced and Constrained Oathes Ex Officio, Wherein Is Proued That the Same Are Vnlawfull., So that if a man be excōmunicate in any of their Courts for a thing which apperteyneth to the Royal Maiest. that is to say (sayeth that booke) in a matter of the common lawe, the partie excommunicate shall haue a premunire facias, and so was it adjudged.
      • Shakespeare Merry Wives Q1|act=IV|scene=v|page=55|passage=The diuell take the one partie,
        And his dam the other,
        And theyle be both beſtovved.
      • 1598, Lancelot Andrewes, sermon preached in the Parish Church of St. Giles without Cripplegate, London
      • Pliny Holland Historie of the World|tome=1|book=VI|chapter=The Iland Taprobane|page=131|passage=Then are there 70 judges deputed to Å¿it upon his cauÅ¿e; and if it happen that they aÅ¿Å¿oile and quit this partie condemned: then thoÅ¿e 30 vvho condemned him, are diÅ¿placed from their Å¿tate and dignitie, vvith a moÅ¿t bitter and greevous rebuke, and for ever after, as diÅ¿graced perÅ¿ons live in Å¿hame and infamie.
      • Montaigne Florio Essayes|book=II|chapter=Of Anger and Choller|page=413|passage=I likewiÅ¿e blame thoÅ¿e who being angry, will brave and mutinie when the partie with whome they are offended is not by.
      • 1607, William Barlow, A Brand, Titio Erepta., Now Indignation is a fire, Å¿aith the Prophet, it will vexe the partie whom it malignes, as fire vexeth the rawe fleÅ¿h in the roÅ¿ting or boyling.
      • 1630, John Smith, True Travels, The Bashaw notwithstanding drew together a partie of five hundred before his owne Pallace, where he intended to die â€¦.
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